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Dreams are dangerous things.  Sometimes they take over your life.

I spent the past thirty years sailing on the ocean of my dreams.  For most of those years, my feet were on dry land, but in my mind, I was sailing the seven seas.  I've sailed around the world dozens of times in my mind with Joshua Slocum, Harry Pidgeon, and Bernard Moitessier at my side.  I've survived the savage seas of the high southern latitudes with  the crew of Tzu Hang as they were pitchpoled in the waters off Cape Horn.  I've been with the Pardeys and the Hiscocks as they sailed on their voyages of discovery.  I've deployed parachute sea anchors and trailed drogues hundreds of times in the storms of my mind. I've dropped my anchor in Paradise and snorkeled in enchanted atolls.  I've even escaped from pirates - buccaneers of the mind who tried to steal my dreams.

In my mind,  I practiced sailing around the world for more than twenty years before I actually cast off my dock lines and set sail on my eleven year circumnavigation.

So how did it feel to make my dreams come true?

First, I would have to admit it was a bit scary to drop the dock lines and set sail.  This was a voyage of exploration into our unknowns, and unknowns were in abundance.  During the trip around the world, we often ran out of wind, sometimes we ran low on diesel fuel, but we never ran out of unknowns.

I didn't know how much the trip  was going to cost.   Working for eleven years in Saudi Arabia paid for my boat and supplied me with enough freedom chips to weather any  financial storms that came our way.  I knew that the trip was going to cost a lot of money, especially with college coming up for my kids.  Some days, I wondered if I could really afford to make the trip, but on most days, I KNEW THAT I COULDN'T AFFORD TO NOT MAKE THE TRIP.  The currency of my youth was in short supply, and having an awesome adventure with my family was worth any price.  And how do you count the richness of your life anyway?  Dreams or dollars?  Which will it be.  I'll take my dreams any day. 

Second,  I had never made an ocean passage before I started the voyage.  I had only sailed my catamaran six times before I started out on the trip.  I was unproven and my yacht was unproven.

The biggest things I had going for me were that I had a positive attitude, a positive family, and I had already sailed around the world dozens of time in my mind.  I quickly learned that sailing a catamaran isn't rocket science, and if we can do it, anyone can.  A conservative amount of sail and a positive attitude will take a sailboat just about anywhere you want to go.

Third, in my mind, I was afraid of pirates, tsunamis, and hurricanes.  As it turned out, we never met a pirate, we survived one global  tsunami in Thailand totally unscathed, and there was nary a hurricane that threatened our eleven year voyage.  The worst thing that happened on the entire circumnavigation was a car accident in New Zealand that broke two legs, fractured five ribs, and punctured one lung.  It took me out of commission for nearly a year, but it didn't stop the voyage of Exit Only.  After the fractures healed and I learned to walk again, we set sail for Fiji and continued sailing for nine more years before we completed our trip around the world.

Dreams do come true, and making them happen is within the capability of ordinary folks who have extraordinary dreams.  A positive attitude and unstoppable persistence allows anyone to sail on the ocean of their dreams.  All they have to do is do it.  All you can do, is all you can do, but all you can do is enough.

It's a lot of work to live your dreams, but that doesn't matter, because when you live your dreams, your life is worth living.  Your life keeps getting better, and before long you realize that there is no limit to how good your life can become.

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Captain Dave and his family spent eleven years sailing around the world on their Privilege 39 catamaran, Exit Only. During the trip, the crew of Exit Only shot 200 hours of video with professional cameras to show people what it's like to sail on a small boat around the world.

The Red Sea Chronicles is a one hour and twenty-two minute feature film showing their adventures as Exit Only sails through Pirate Alley in the Gulf of Aden and up the Red Sea.  The professional footage documents their experiences in Oman, Yemen, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, and the Suez Canal.  It chronicles the rigors of traveling in a remote section of the world rarely visited by cruisers.  Exit Only dodges Yemeni pirates, fights a gale and sand storms in the Bab al Mandeb at the southern entrance to the Red Sea.  The crew explores deserted islands on the western shores of the Red Sea, and learns to check the cruising guides for land mines before venturing ashore.

The Red Sea Chronicles also has outstanding Special Features including an Instructional Video on Storm Management that tells sailors how to deal with storms at sea.

And don't forget the two Music Videos: "The Red Sea Blues", and "Captain - Save Our Souls".

The Red Sea Chronicles is a first class adventure that stokes the sailing dreams of both experienced and wannabe sailors alike.  Order your copy of the Red Sea Chronicles and experience the adventures of Exit Only as they sail around the world and up the Red Sea.


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