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You start out life with nothing, and you end it the same way.  But between the start and the finish, you can have an awesome adventure.

If you are going to live, you may as well live as if you are a great person.  That means, you live as if your dreams are possible and work each day to make them happen.  You travel far, travel light, and make your life into what you want it to be.  You never forget that life isn't about stuff; instead, it's about living your dreams.

As you face problems each day, ask yourself, "How would I handle this challenge if I was a great person?"  After you answer that question,  go ahead and do what a great person would do.

Don't tiptoe through life trying to just get by.  Instead, make your life into something memorable, something great.

You only get one life, and you may as well make it into a great one.  You have little to lose and much to gain, so go ahead and live as if you are great.

This photo shows me living my sand dreams on a nine day off-road trip in the Rhub al-Khali.  My fully-loaded Defender is sliding down a slip face in the Southern Empty Quarter of Arabia.  These sandy corridors can be hundreds of kilometers long and you can spend weeks driving in a sea of sand.

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