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All cruising destinations are not created equal.  Some are totally unique, head and shoulders above the rest.

Thailand is one of those destinations, and the coves of Phi Phi Le Island are the stuff from which cruising dreams are made.  Sheer limestone cliffs rise out of the sea, and through a narrow entrance, you enter limestone bays larger than football fields with crystal clear water all around.  Coral, underwater rock formations, and tropical fish beckon divers to the edges of these limestone craters, while white sand entices waders into zones of shallow splendor along the beach.  The beauty is more than the eye can take in, and it's hard to believe that such places exist on planet earth.

Now, I want to offer some free advice.

Don't get on an airplane and fly to Phuket, Thailand.
Don't take a ferry to Phi Phi Island.
Don't hire a long tail boat to transport you to the limestone caverns of Phi Phi Le.
Don't dive on the reefs and snorkel in the crystal clear water.

Because, if you do, you will immediately return home, sell your house, buy a cruising yacht, and go sailing on the ocean of your dreams.

You have been warned.

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