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Some people spend years making preparations to go cruising.  Most of the time, what they are really doing is preparing to not go cruising.  What do I mean by that?

I simply mean they have dozens of things they want to do before they set sail.  All those other things have top priority, and they are not ready to make changes in the way they live.  They talk like they want to go sailing, but for the time being, they have firmly planted their lubberly feet on dry land. 

Most people act as if getting ready is about the boat, when in reality it isn't about the boat at all.  It's about them.  They aren't mentally prepared to drop their dock lines and go sailing.  Their boat, their house, their job, and the size of their bank account are simply the excuses they use to explain why they can't get underway.

You'll hear them say things like:

1.  I can't go cruising until I pay off the mortgage.
2.  I can't go cruising because I have such a good job.
3.  I can't go cruising until I have a million dollars in the bank.
4.  I can't go cruising until my boat is in perfect shape.

As long as you focus on all the reasons why you can't go cruising, you will not depart.  Your focus is totally wrong.  The way you run your mind and live each day shows that you are preparing to not go sailing.

I spent eleven years working in Saudi Arabia preparing to not go cruising.  When I finally was mentally prepared for the voyage, it took only three months of intensive work to get underway.

If you want to go cruising, you must shift your focus to all the reasons why you can drop your dock lines and set sail.  It's all about focus.  When you focus on your dreams, nothing else matters.

Single-minded Real Ocean Cruisers know that preparing to cruise is more about the way they run their mind, and less about the yacht. They fill their mind with dozens of reasons why now is the time to set sail.  They are endlessly persistent doers of dreams, and they are willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to make their dreams come true.

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The wheel of change always turns in the direction of what you put into your mind, and the Positive Web Ring fills your mind with good things.  If you really want to be positive, nobody can stop you.

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