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Take a look at these fish.  They belong to a group called "Everyone Anonymous".  Almost all the fish in the sea belong to this not-so-exclusive group.  They distinguish themselves by always doing the same thing as everyone else.  They swim in the same direction, they turn together, dive together, and surface together.  They look exactly alike, and when the fish police put them in a line up, they can't pick out the good fish from the bad.  There's nothing to distinguish one fish from the other since they all look and act the same.

Being a member of "Everyone Anonymous" does have its perks.  There's  apparent safety in numbers, and that may keep them from being eaten.  On the other hand, their clone-like behavior may actually attract predators who have a sixth sense that allows them to detect weakness and easy prey.

If being like everyone else guaranteed a great life, then membership in "Everyone Anonymous" would be a good idea, but the opposite is true.  These drones lead dull predictable preprogrammed lives.  The script for life has already been written, and the outcome is sure.  They will never have a real life because they are always doing exactly what everyone else is doing.  They will never think an original thought or dream great dreams.

Every time I see a school of fish, I think about my life.  I ask myself If I am a member of "Everyone Anonymous."  When my life is over and on judgment day I stand in the final line up with all the rest, I hope millions of people can point their finger at me, pick me out of the line up, and say, "He's the one.  That's definitely him.  He's different from the rest.  He didn't conform, and he lived his dreams.  He's guilty as charged."

That's my master plan.  I want to be guilty of living my dreams.

I photographed this school of fish at Phi Phi Island in Thailand.  Thousands of minnows constantly milled around close to shore tempting me to dive in and see how many I could catch with my bare hands.  Not many, I suspect.

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