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How do you create a consistently positive mind?

It's actually quite simple to do.  You simply maintain a persistently positive focus!

A positive mind is not an accident.  It's something you do on purpose.  A persistently positive focus creates a consistently positive mind.

I wish I had know this when I was eighteen years old.  My life would have been a lot less turbulent, and I wouldn't have struggled so hard with all of my challenges.  Although I had grit, goals, and God on my side, things would have been easier if I had a persistently positive focus.

It's easy to be positive for a nanosecond, but being positive for days and weeks is hard.  That's where persistence comes in.  You have to relentlessly keep at it if you want to make it happen.

The only way to have a consistently positive mind is to live with intention.  You have do it on purpose.  That means you create and execute a program that bombards your mind with positive things all day long.

What do you put in your program?

1.  Positive-self talk
2.  Positive affirmations
3.  Positive scriptures
4.  Positive podcasts
5.  Positive pictures
6.  Positive music
7.  Positive books
8.  Positive memorization

You have at least sixteen waking hours each day in which you need to fill your mind with positive things.  Any combination of these eight things can maintain a persistently positive focus.  Being consistently positive is an attainable goal, but it's not going to happen by accident.  You will have to do it on purpose.

If you really want to be positive, nobody can stop you.

The Positive Web Ring has thirteen positive web sites.  Each site lifts you up, pushes your mind in a positive direction, and  makes it easier to live your dreams.  The Positive Web Ring has something positive for everyone.  There's adventure, positive self-talk, positive spirituality, positive graphics, positive music, positive podcasts, and much more.

If you struggle with negative thinking, visit No Negative Thinking.  If you are fighting against depression, visit  Eradicate Depression.  

The wheel of change always turns in the direction of what you put into your mind, and the Positive Web Ring fills your mind with good things.  If you really want to be positive, nobody can stop you.

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