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Everything that I have and all that I am was given to me by God.

I often rub elbows with the Arrogant.  These self-made  wonders of the world believe that they pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps, and they gloat in their not-so-glorious domain.  They strut their stuff and make God laugh at their self-important plans.

Someone has said, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans."  The Arrogant Ones forget that God created every molecule in their body, and every ounce of ability that  they hold in their hands came directly to them from God.  All that they are and all that they have was given to them by God. 

Jesus said, "To whom much is given, much shall be required."

When God gives you a gift, He also gives you the responsibility to use it to make the world a better place.  If He gives you the ability to make money, you have the responsibility to help others who are in need.  If you have the ability to speak, you have the responsibility to utter words of hope.  If you have strong arms, you have the responsibility to lift up other people.  Every gift that you have is meant to be shared and to be a blessing for all the world.

Your life is a gift from God.  What you do with it is the gift that you give back to Him.  Make it an excellent gift.

The Positive Web Ring has thirteen positive web sites.  Each site lifts you up, pushes your mind in a positive direction, and  makes it easier to live your dreams.  The Positive Web Ring has something positive for everyone.  There's adventure, positive self-talk, positive spirituality, positive graphics, positive music, positive podcasts, and much more.

If you struggle with negative thinking, visit No Negative Thinking.  If you are fighting against depression, visit  Eradicate Depression.  

The wheel of change always turns in the direction of what you put into your mind, and the Positive Web Ring fills your mind with good things.  If you really want to be positive, nobody can stop you.

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