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Cruising is about focus.

Itís all too easy to focus on the storms of life and worship at the altar of fear.  Itís easy to forget that storms come and go, but dreams can last forever.

In more than thirty-three thousand miles of offshore sailing, we have had winds to fifty knots on only three occasions.  That makes about six days of gale force winds during an eleven year sailing voyage around the world.  I think that our experience is fairly typical for people who do trade wind circumnavigations.  If you stay out of the higher latitudes and donít sail in hurricane season, itís unlikely you will ever encounter a storm that poses a significant threat to your yacht.  Thatís the real world of sailing.

The fear mongers would have us live in a very different world.  This year, they predicted that hurricane season would be one of the worst on record.  There would be more storms and storms of greater severity than at any time in recent history.  Fear makes you tune in to the Weather Channel so that you can listen to their forecasts of doom and gloom.  The Apostles of  Fear would have you believe that we live in a dangerous world, because fear is big business.  Capitalism has embraced fear and wants you to buy their particular antidote to fear.

I am not buying what they are selling. Whether I am on land or sea, I am not afraid, but I am tired of listening to the fear mongers.  I wish they would go away or go silent.  They are boring me with their negative and toxic palaver.

I listened to the fear mongers tell me how dangerous it was to live in the Middle East, and contrary to their prophecies of doom, I lived in Saudi Arabia for sixteen years without a problem.

I listened to the fear mongers tell me about the perfect storm and how dangerous it was to sail the seven seas, and contrary to their predictions, in eleven years, I never sailed in winds over fifty knots.

I listened to the fear mongers tell me that catamarans were dangerous to sail offshore, and I sailed one around the world without a problem.

I have figured out that when people tell me that I should be afraid, they either donít know what they are talking about, they are trying to control me with fear, or they want to sell me something as an antidote to the fearful world that they are trying to cultivate in my mind.

Iíve got my mental ear plugs in, and Iím no longer listening to their gospel of fear.  I wonít let them control the focus of my mind or steal my dreams.

Instead, Iím  focusing on my dreams.  Iím projecting my dreams onto the motion picture screen of my mind so they can expand into my life.  I know that life is good.  I live in the Land of Possibility, and I sail on the ocean of my dreams where there is no limit to how good my life can become.

I have been tested in the crucible of life, and I know the truth.  There is nothing to fear, and focusing on the storms of life is a waste of precious time.  Storms come and go, and they are few and far between.  Dreams are different.  They go on forever.  Thatís why I focus on my dreams.  Thatís why I live as if my dreams are possible and work each day to make them happen.  Thatís why Iím an Unstoppable, Consistently Positive, Endlessly Persistent, Doer of Dreams.

I took this photo from our cockpit at Lawrie's Marina in Mooloolaba, Australia.  When an Ozzie squall blows through in the summer, it's time to get out the camera because a rainbow is on the way.  I would give half my kingdom to be cruising the Great Barrier Reef again.

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