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People are always asking the wrong questions about sailing around the world.  The most frequent question is how much it costs to buy a yacht and do a circumnavigation.  The second question is about how much time it takes, and the third question is about pirates and hurricanes.  I understand why they ask those questions, but there are other more important questions on which they need to focus.

Questions like the following:

How many lives do you get?
If you aren't living your dreams now, when are you going to start?
How many years are you guaranteed to have perfect health?
How many years are you going to be alive?

These are the questions that really matter.  It's easy to forget the facts of life.

Here are the facts of life.

1.  You only get one life.
2.  Life is short and death is long.
3.  There is virtually no reason that you should not be living your dreams.

On the wall above my computer, I have a large chart that shows the timeline of human history.  It goes from neolithic and paleolithic times right up to the present.  It shows the major empires that for a time spread across and ruled planet earth.  Some of those civilizations lasted for more than a thousand years, and now they are gone.  Billions of anonymous people had their shot at life and then disappeared leaving hardly a trace.

When I traveled in the Saudi desert, I sometimes found arrowheads lying in the sand.  The last person who touched that arrowhead lived in neolithic times more than eight thousand years ago.  That arrowhead reminds me of the shortness of life, and that I should be living my dreams.

Your short stay on planet earth is frighteningly brief.  It's like a puff of smoke or the flash of a meteor in the night sky.  The facts of life are very clear.   Life is way too short to not be living your dreams.

Go ahead.  Live your dreams and make every day count for something good.

Even though your life is short, there is no limit to how good it can become.

This particular patch of paradise is at Conception Island in the southern Bahamas.  We are cruising in the company of Txai, a Voyager 440 catamaran sailed by Brazilian adventurers.

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