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You only get one life, so you better get it right the first time.

I have found that if you understand the CURVES OF LIFE, you have a better chance of getting it right the first time around.  What are the CURVES OF LIFE?

There are actually three curves.  The first is called the gusto curve, the second is the money curve, and the third is the time curve.  You don't need an advanced degree in mathematics to understand these curves.  Here's how they work.

The gusto curve describes your ability and desire to enjoy true gusto throughout all the years of your life.  When you are eighteen years old, and you feel immortal, and life stretches out before you like an endless adventure, you are at the top of your gusto curve.  You will fearlessly try almost anything, and you will probably enjoy doing it.

When you are eighty years old, acutely aware of your mortality, and unwilling to take risks that could fill your remaining days with unremitting pain, you are at the bottom of your gusto curve.  That's not to say you don't enjoy your life at all.  But it is to say that you now have a strong aversion to pain and suffering, and your definition of a good day is that all your organs are working properly, you can afford all your medications, and your arthritis isn't preventing you from enjoying your day.  You are less concerned about gusto, and most of all, you want a pain free day.

The money curve is just the opposite of the gusto curve.  When you are eighteen years old, you are stone cold broke.  Money is in short supply,  and you are at the bottom of your money curve.  Conversely, when you are eighty years old, you have a pension with a mountain of cash in the bank, and you are at the top of your money curve.

The time curve runs parallel to the gusto curve.  When you are eighteen years old, you have all the time you need to live your dreams.  When you are eighty years old, you are at the bottom of your time curve.  You savor each precious second because you don't know how much time you have left.

By now it should be clear that your gusto curve and time curve start at the top and eventually go down to zero.  At the same time, your money curve starts at zero and exponentially climbs throughout your life.

At some point, these three curves cross paths.  Before they cross, your life will have plenty of gusto and time, but not enough money.  After they cross, your life will have plenty of money, but gusto and time will be in shorter and diminishing supply.

When the curves of life cross, an alarm should go off in your mind, because from that point on, time becomes more valuable than money.  You are sliding rapidly down the gusto curve, and you are running out of time.

After those curves cross, you better be living your dreams, or they will probably never come true.  This, of course, is not a hard and fast rule.  Some people live with gusto into their nineties, but they are the fortunate few.

If you want to get it right the first time, check out the CURVES OF LIFE.  This isn't a dress rehearsal, and you only get one life.  You should live your dreams while you still have the ability and time to enjoy them.

When you get the CURVES OF LIFE right, there is no limit to how good your life can become.

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