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Riyadh sits on top of the Tuwayq escarpment two-thousand feet above sea level.  Just outside Riyadh, the escarpment drops off seven-hundred feet to the east into the dunes of the sedimentary Nedj.

Standing on top of the escarpment you see the effects of millions of years of erosion on the Arabian Shield.  Wadis hundreds of feet deep cut through this plateau creating massively dissected terrain.  Trickles of water that occasionally became torrents left their indelible imprint on the landscape.

A similar thing can happen in your mind.  When you think the same thoughts again and again, those thoughts create deep ruts and canyons in your mind, and before long, they define your life.  Mental ruts control your destiny.  Living in the canyons of the mind can be a nightmare if those canyons were created by negative and destructive thoughts.

It's a bad idea to live a rutted life.  You think the same old thoughts, take the same old actions, and get the same old life.

If you are going to live a rutted life, then make sure those ruts are positive, empowering, resourceful and unlimited.  At least those types of thoughts will support you on your journey.

Even better than that, stay out of ruts entirely.  Make a real effort to live the unrutted life.  Every day,  think new thoughts and take new actions so that each day is a new adventure.

You are looking north off the Tuwayq escarpment.  This former plateau is riddled with dried up river beds (wadis)  that eroded giant canyons into the landscape.  Since only a few millimeters of rain fall in this region each year, it must have taken millions of years to create this amount of erosion.  Obviously, the world has been around for a long time.

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