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If I can't live my sand dreams, then I hope Scotty beams me to the granite fields of central Arabia.  This magical destination has granite boulders the size of city blocks rising out of the desert floor.  God must have been playing cosmic marbles when he created these rock formations.  He plunked down batholiths smack dab in the middle of the desert sands.

This picture shows an oasis nestled in a granite enclave.  Granite surrounds the oasis on all sides, and the watershed from the mountains collects in a shallow basin under the village.  The eroded granite in the foreground collects run-off from the mountains and carries the water to irrigation channels and ancient wells inside the village.

I'm not sure why granite attracts me as it does.  I feel like I'm driving though a granite cathedral, and when I climb the massive boulders, I feel like I'm treading on holy ground.

There's no doubt about it.  Granite dreams rock.

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