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When I sailed to Australia, I had Land Rover dreams.  Shortly after arrival, I stepped on the dock, rented a car, and started looking for a Defender.  The outback beckoned, and I wanted to experience it in a Land Rover.  I had already traveled in Arabia with three different Defenders, and I was itching to go walkabout Australian style.

We made several trips to Brisbane looking for Rovers, but Defenders were in short supply, and those that we found were overpriced and worn out.  Finding my dream machine was going to take time.  Eventually, I found a long wheel base Defender 130 in Caboolture that had the right price and passed mechanical muster.

I was now in business.  I was the proud owner of a white Crew Cab Pickup with a covered pickup bed.  It was rough around the edges, but that's what you want in an expeditionary vehicle.  There were the usual bumps and scratches in the panels, but the chassis rails were sound and free from rust.

A massive bull bar graced the front of the truck; it was so big we could use it as a platform from which to shoot video while driving through the bush.  It also sported a long range fuel tank under the truck.  Inspection revealed that the manual transmission was in good shape and the 300 tdi diesel ran fine.  With some new tires and a few upgrades, we would have an awesome expeditionary vehicle. 

We installed Black Widow sliding drawers in the pickup bed giving us a secure place to store valuables and protect them from ubiquitous red bull dust.  We added two spare tires and installed a roof rack and roof top tent.

This picture shows the white Defender at Alice Springs in the Red Center of Australia.  We are half way through a month long trip to the outback.

So far, I've owned five Land Rover Defenders.  Five times I've lived as if my Land Rover dreams are possible, and five times I've worked to make them happen.  I am living proof that Land Rover Dreams can come true.

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