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The first rule of desert travel is never go alone.  Green Rover is breaking this rule by making a solo 100 kilometer trip off road into Volcano Land. 

Why did we break the rule?

First, it was the middle of the Arabian winter, and there was zero chance that we would die of thirst as long as we stayed with our vehicle.  We had two-hundred liters of water in the car, and we could have lasted a month without outside help if the Defender had broken down.

Second, approximately every twenty kilometers along the desert track, there was an isolated Bedouin family living in a camel hair tent, and if we needed help, we could hike back to the last set of tents to get assistance.  There was zero risk of hyperthermia or dehydration at that time of year.

Third, if we needed assistance, we could start a fire and burn a spare tire sending up a billowing black smoke signal for all to see.  Every Bedouin for miles around would come to see what was causing the smoke.

Fourth, our vehicle was in excellent condition with two spare tires and we had plenty of fuel in reserve.

Fifth, I speak some Arabic and I worked at King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital in Riyadh.  Bedouins all over Arabia had friends and relatives operated on at our hospital, and it's likely that the local people would have an extremely positive attitude toward us because we worked there.

The trip turned out great.  We enjoyed the volcanoes, the lava tubes, and the stark beauty all around.  The biggest risk on this trip is problems with the tires.  The sharp volcanic rock is not only abrasive, it also can cut through the sidewalls.  One of our friends who made the same trip suffered with four flat tires, and he had to wait while someone drove to a small town to purchase replacements.

We gave ourselves permission to venture alone off-road in this sparsely populated patch of desert.  Although this undertaking was not without risk, the risk appeared manageable, and we had reasonable contingency plans in the event of a problem.

Getting permission to live your dreams is hard, especially when you feel like you need permission from other people.  Fortunately, the only permission you really need is from the person you see when you look in the mirror.  If the person in the mirror says it's ok, then you have all the permission necessary to live your dreams.

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