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I am a firm believer that focus expands into my life.

Before I joined the Navy, I told the recruiter that I would join on only one condition.  He would have to guarantee an assignment in Puerto Rico where I could have a cruising sailboat.  He talked to the powers that be, and it wasn't long before I was stationed in Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Puerto Rico.  The focus of my mind expanded into my life.

The first week I arrived in Puerto Rico, I flew to St. Thomas, USVI, and I paid cash for a Pearson 27 sailboat, and the next weekend, I sailed it back to Puerto Rico.  The focus of my mind expanded into my life.

When I went to work in Saudi Arabia, I knew I wanted to cruise the desert sands in a Land Rover Defender.  During my first week in Arabia, I went to the used car souqs to check out all the used Land Rovers, and in the second week, I purchased a new Defender from the Land Rover Dealer in Riyadh.  The focus of my mind expanded into my life.

When I was evacuated out of Riyadh during the bombardment of Riyadh in the first Gulf War, I flew with my family to the Miami Boat Show and looked at catamarans.  The next summer we chartered a Privilege 39 catamaran in the BVI, and then we placed an order for a new boat from the factory in France.  The focus of my mind expanded into my life.

I have learned to be careful about where I focus my mind, because for better or worse, what I think about will expand into my life.

When you think about sand dreams, you get sand in  your life.  And when you think about BIG SAND,  you end up in the Mundafin.  Green Defender cruising in the Mundafin is proof that sand dreams come true.

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The wheel of change always turns in the direction of what you put into your mind, and the Positive Web Ring fills your mind with good things.  If you really want to be positive, nobody can stop you.

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