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The sand dunes in the Empty Quarter can be several hundred feet high.  When you go over the top of a dune and head down the slip face, there's no turning back.  The dye has been cast, and you better keep your tires straight and the truck pointed straight down the dune if  you want to arrive at the bottom without mishap.

Although giant slip faces seem intimidating at first, it's extremely rare for anyone to have a problem on the journey down.  It's usually the bottom that causes difficulty.  Sometimes the sand at the base of the dune is powder, and you sink to your chassis in dry sand.

Before committing to the trip down the slip face, you must be sure you're not driving into a hole from which there is no escape.  Holes happen, and if you drive into one, they can be so deep and steep that the only way to recover the vehicle is to lift it out with a helicopter.  On several occasions, it required hours of hard work to recover a vehicle from a hole.

When it rains in the desert, the sand becomes extremely firm and you can drive with great abandon.  There's little risk of becoming terminally stuck.  But if the sand is dry, and there's powder all around, the rules of sand engagement change to "Look before you leap."  You do a great deal of looking before any leaping in order to stay out of trouble.

Sand driving is a lot like life.  You look before you leap, and then you commit.

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