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Saudi Arabia sits on a tectonic plate called the Arabian Shield.  The shield tilts up ten-thousand feet in the west , and in the east it goes to sea level at the Persian Gulf.

The western Arabian Shield has a line of volcanoes stretching for more than five hundred kilometers from north to south.  Adventurous souls can spend weeks exploring the rugged beauty of the volcano fields.  The Arabic word for lava is harrat, and from this picture you can see there's plenty of harrat to go around.

When I arrived in Volcano Land, I was surprised to see a white volcano rising up in the west.  In this picture, the lava has three different colors from three separate eruptions.  The brown lava is in the foreground, the jet black lave is in the middle ground, and the white lava is in the distance.  We camped in white lava at the base of the black lava flow.

The volcano fields are a lava lovers paradise.  There are lava tubes and lava bombs scattered all around.  And when it comes time to climb a volcano, you can choose between a white one, a brown one and a black one.  We chose to climb Jebel Beda, the white volcano.

Climbing Jebel Beeda involved typical volcanic routine.  You take two steps forward and one step back, but with perseverance you make it to the top.  Volcanic scoria always rewards those who persevere.  Although it may be hard to get to the top, when you descend, you get to moon walk.  You can almost run downhill without falling because you sink up to your ankles in scoria.  The scoria securely grips your feet on the way down.  It almost feels like you have suction cups on your shoes that anchor you to the mountain's side.  At the foot of the mountain, you shed your hiking boots to remove scoria trapped inside.

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