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From the first time I saw photos of sailboats anchored in crystal clear water, I have had turquoise dreams.

When I think about all the favorite places I visited on my trip around the world, the one thing that all destinations shared in common was turquoise water.

The salubrious effect of turquoise renews my spirit and mind.  When I put my anchor down in turquoise paradise, it's like discovering the fountain of youth.  No matter what my age or stage in life, when I jump into the turquoise depths, I feel like a kid again.  My eyes sparkle with the beauty that surrounds me on all sides. 

One of the best things about turquoise dreams is that they are affordable.  They usually cost substantially less than living ashore,  less than a thousand dollars a month.   In turquoise territory, I'm not tied to docks or marinas.  Instead, my anchor is down in paradise, and I live off the stores on board Exit Only.
The cost of living high in "civilization" sinks more sailing dreams than icebergs, reefs, and storm-tossed seas combined.  Most of us can barely afford to continue with our land-based existence.  The only sensible thing to do is to cash in our freedom chips and set sail for turquoise destinations where we can live within our means.

There's no doubt about it.  When I live my turquoise dreams, life is good.

This photo was taken from the top of our mast at Tobago Keys in the Grenadines.    Good job David.  Thanks for helping keep my turquoise dreams alive.

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