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On November 18, 1921, Harry Pidgeon sailed out of Los Angeles harbor bound for the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia in a 34 foot yawl named Islander.  He had just spent eighteen months and one-thousand dollars building Islander on the beach with his own hands, and he was now ready to sail to the south seas and around the world.  Islander carried 630 square feet of canvas and had no engine.

Harry made a single-handed circumnavigation on Islander, and then he wrote a book about his adventures.  He sums his voyage up with the following modest understatement.  "I avoided adventure as much as possible.  Just the same, any landsman who builds his own vessel and sails alone around the world will certainly meet with some adventures, so I shall offer no apology for my voyage.  Those days were the freest and happiest of my life."

In 1932, Pidgeon set off an a second five year circumnavigation on board Islander.  After completing the second circumnavigation, he eventually met a woman, got married, and in 1947 at the age of 73, he set off an a third circumnavigation with his new wife.  Unfortunately, he lost his boat in the New Hebrides to a typhoon.

Undaunted, he built a new yawl, but died at the age of eighty-one before he could set sail for new adventures.

If Harry Pidgeon was alive today, I wonder what he would do? 

I suspect he would do exactly what he did before.  He would construct a strong and seaworthy small yacht and  then set sail.  I'm pretty sure he wouldn't climb on board a treadmill and spend years saving money so he could purchase an expensive yacht.  He would simply build an uncomplicated yacht from the keel up.

For Harry Pidgeon, a yacht wasn't a fashion statement.  Instead, it was a dream machine that  took him around the world.  It wasn't about the yacht; it was about freedom, happiness, and adventure.

When you set sail on the ocean of your dreams, like Harry Pidgeon, you may try to avoid adventure as much as possible.  Nevertheless, adventure is a by-product of living your dreams, and when you set sail, you can be sure that adventure isn't far behind.

While cruising Langkawi, Malaysia, we sailed by a square-rigger at a dock and took pictures of the Malaysian flag flying in the rigging.

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