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We hear a lot of talk about cruising the seven seas, but we don't hear much about cruising the five senses.

If you stop and think about it, cruising on a yacht is an intensely sensual experience.  Your five senses form the foundation for your cruising adventures.

Your five major senses are sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell.  On top of these senses is a layer of emotion that turns those sensations into heaven and hell.

I am a visual person, and for me the cruising experience is mostly visual.  I enjoy being on watch because it gives me an opportunity to observe and enjoy my world.  In the sky there are clouds, stars, planets, sun, moon, sunrise and sunset, and I watch them evolve all day long and into the night.  I see waves and swells that tell me what's happening in my aquatic world.

Vision is also about color.  A splash of color transforms an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one. When navy blue water turns to turquoise, visions of paradise dance in my mind.  The colorful garlands on the bows of Thai water taxis transform a mundane trip into something beautiful.  It's fun to ride in a boat with beautiful garlands adorning the bow; it's extremely pleasing to my eye.

Hearing is the second most powerful sense in my life as a cruising sailor.  I listen to the sound of the wind and waves, and I can detect significant changes in either even when I am asleep.  My sense of hearing is like a watchman that's always on duty informing me of changes in my world.  Whether the wind is just piping up or is screaming in the rigging, my ears are perpetually on the job keeping me safe.

Taste and smell focus mostly on food; they enhance the ethnic character of the cruising experience.  I have tasted and sniffed my way through a maze of international cuisine, and these two senses make some destinations into a culinary adventure.

My sense of touch was a constant companion as I enjoyed the warmth of the tropical sun and endured the sting of driving rain upon my face.

We all would do well to rediscover what it means to cruise our five senses.

Imagine what it would be like to sail the seven seas without your sense of  sight.  Darkness would enshroud your voyage as you braile your way around the world.  Instead of turquoise and navy blue, your world would be monotonously black.  Now, cast off the pall of blindness, and take a look at the beauty that surrounds you on all sides.

Do the same thing with your other senses.  Imagine what your life would be like without your senses of hearing, taste, touch and smell.  Once you feel the pain of loss, restore those senses to your cruising world and enjoy your new life.

Take time to cruise your five senses.  You'll rediscover what cruising is all about.

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