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My multihull dreams started when I was an intern at Gorgas Hospital in the Panama Canal Zone in 1974.  I watched the early multihull designs transit the Panama Canal and head out into the South Pacific.  They were homemade cats and tris constructed by their owners who literally built their dreams from the keel up.  Most of them spent four or more years creating their dream machine.

Those hardy sailors were multihull pioneers.  First, they thought their dreams, then they built their dreams with their own two hands, and finally they sailed their dreams.  After seeing those early multihulls, I remember telling one of my friends that someday I would sail around the world on a multihull. 

Over the years, I met a lot of naysayers and dream stealers who told me that only a foolish person would sail long voyages offshore on a multihull.  On one camping trip in a remote section of Saudi Arabia, I mentioned to a fellow camper that I was sailing around the world on a catamaran when I wasn't working in Riyadh.  The camper remarked that I was a very brave person to be sailing offshore on a cat.  I asked him why he felt that way.  He told me that catamarans were dangerous because they flip over at sea.  I wondered how he knew so much about the dangers of offshore sailing, and he informed me that he had sailed in a single-handed race across the Atlantic ocean in a monohull sailboat.

Later, he told me that during his attempted solo voyage across the Atlantic, his yacht had been struck by a freighter, and he had to abandon ship because his sailboat sunk in the middle of the Atlantic.  It struck me odd that this self proclaimed expert on the dangers of sailing catamarans had his own monohull sink out from underneath him.

Although this person had never sailed on a catamaran offshore, he taught me a valuable lesson.  I learned that it's unwise to pontificate about things in which you lack experience and have no first-hand knowledge.

I do a fair amount of talking about catamaran dreams these days, but I have a right to, because I have sailed around the world on a cat.  I'll tell you up front that catamarans not only make excellent offshore yachts, they also are SAFE.  They are so safe that I loaded my family on board and took them on an eleven year voyage.  They are so safe that we never felt fear at anytime during our entire trip around the world , even during storms.

The only person qualified to tell you that you should not sail around the world in a catamaran is another person who has already done it.  Anyone else is simply uninformed and is spouting their prejudices about offshore sailing.

The corollary to this point is that if you want to live a dream, the only person who is qualified to advise you about your dream is someone who has already done it.

Don't listen to the naysayers and dream stealers who live in Nowhere Land and who have done nothing with their life.  Instead, talk to the Unstoppable, Consistently Positive, Endlessly Persistent, Doers of Dreams, and take their advice.  They know what they are talking about, and if you follow their lead, it won't be long before you are sailing on the ocean of your dreams.

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