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When you sail at night, take a good look at the midnight sky.  You can see billions of miles and millions of light years in every direction.  From the beginning of time, astronomers have searched the sky for signs of life, and so far the only place where life is known to exist is on planet earth.

Earth is unique because itís chock-a-block with life; itís everywhere, and itís relentless.  Itís in the air, on the land, and in the depths of the sea.  The reason earth is such an awesome place is because itís a sanctuary for life in an otherwise hostile universe.

Sailing around the world in a yacht allows you to see life in all its glory.  Because you sail in remote locations beyond the reach of the developers and destroyers, you see life in a different manner than city slickers do.  Their version of life is limited to a few birds in Central Park, dogs on leashes, and animals in zoos.  Itís an extremely skewed view of what life is all about.

In cities, itís hard for people to  appreciate or experience the richness of life as they ride subways and work in concrete jungles.  Their constrained view of life is to wake up in the morning, commute, work somewhere all day long, commute again, spend the evening at home, and then repeat the cycle the next day.  When that is their daily routine, they may not even notice that that their planet is alive.  The only living things they see may be people, pigeons, dogs and cats, plus a few cockroaches thrown in for good measure.

Contrast that to the life of a sailor totally immersed in our living planet.  He wakes up in the morning to the sound of seabirds in his small patch of paradise.  Sea turtles swim by, and when his sailboat gets underway, porpoises escort him out to sea.  The sea is alive with mahi mahi, Spanish mackerel, and tuna.  When he makes a long passage offshore, wandering birds often rest on deck using his yacht as a floating island.  Sometimes the birds even land on his finger and eat from his outstretched hand.   When he visits the Galapagos, all manner of creatures tolerate his presence totally unafraid because they know he means them no harm.  Thatís the way the world was meant to be, full of life that surrounds us on all sides.

Now that I am back in ďuncivilizationĒ, I am hearing talk about how hard life is.  Wars, sub-prime mortgages, foreclosures, the high cost of health care, drug abuse, political corruption - the list goes on and on.  Unfortunately, Iím not hearing much talk about how good life is.  Thereís a perceptual problem here.  We are focusing on the dross and slag, when there is pure gold right in front of our eyes.  Life is pure gold, and life is good.

Life is an awesome miracle.  The fact that we are here on planet earth means that we won the lottery of life.  We won first prize, and all of the living things that surround us are our most precious possessions.

When I sailed around the world, the most important discovery I made was that life is good.   Everything thatís alive, including you, is a massive miracle.  Donít waste your time complaining about the things in your life.  Forget about your woes and worries, and instead, focus on the miracle of life  You are a miracle and you live in a miraculous world.

A fitting epitaph at the end of lifeís journey would be: ďBeen there, done that, life is good.Ē

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