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Over the years. quite a few folks have asked us where we came up with name "Exit Only" for our catamaran.

This is the way it happened.  While I was working in Saudi Arabia, whenever we went on vacation, we had to obtain an Exit-Reentry visa in order to make the trip.  The Exit visa got us out of the country, and the Reentry visa got us back in to resume our work.

There was a special type of visa for people who were leaving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and not coming back.  Those folks received an Exit Only visa.  Once you went Exit Only, your work in the Magic Kingdom was over, and you were on a one way ticket to some place other than there.

I worked for eleven years in Arabia, always traveling on my Exit-Reentry visas.  Finally, at the end of the eleventh year, it was time to sail on the ocean of my dreams, and so I got an Exit Only visa and went sailing on Exit Only around the world.

Going Exit Only on board Exit Only was a liberating experience. 
The scraping, scrounging, and saving were over, and it was time to live my dreams.

Exit Only proved to be a good name.  It constantly reminded me that my old life was gone, and  that I wasn't going back.  It was time to move forward into new territory.   I had a new life, and I was a new person.  I was now Captain Dave, Master and Commander of Exit Only, and it was time for 33,000 miles of global adventure.

This photo shows Exit Only sailing in the Timor Sea north of Australia on the way to Bali.  The trade winds should have been blowing us along at a quick pace, but somebody forgot to tell the trades to show up.  Hence, the light winds and flat seas.

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